Suicide Prevention at Runcorn, all in a day’s work

Two ASG security officers, Tony Stanley and John Tedcastle, who work at Shopping City Runcorn, have been rewarded for their outstanding actions in relation to a potentially life-threatening incident that occurred at the Centre on 20th April.

During their shift, a young woman was spotted on the wrong side of barrier on the top floor of the shopping centre car park, in what appeared an attempt at suicide.

John and Tony quickly attended the scene, assessed the situation and opened up conversation with the young woman. Meanwhile, Jimmy Jones in CCTV contacted the local police.  John and Tony took immediate control over the situation, positioning themselves in such a way as to take decisive action as needed.  With help from the attending Cheshire police, the girl was pulled to safety.

Cheshire Police were so impressed they wrote to commend the two men:

“On arrival at the scene we were confident that John and Tony had a good handle on the situation, Neither officer appeared flustered and they remained calm under pressure which given the gravity of the situation was impressive to see.

At no point did your officers hesitate to take action and I felt reassured by their presence that they would act appropriately in the situation. Their actions on this occasion brought a life threatening situation to a safe conclusion and the female is now receiving the help and support she desperately needed.

Both John and Tony are an absolute credit to your organisation and the security profession on a whole.”

Dave Pearman, Centre Manager commented: “As a Shopping Centre we pride ourselves on being clean, secure and above all safe so it’s always deeply concerning when our site staff have to deal with someone in distress and someone attempting suicide is of the highest concern imaginable.

The swift decisions made by Tony and John most certainly helped save the lady’s life that day.”

A credit to ASG and to Runcorn.  Well done!

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