Corporate Social Responsibility

At Aston Services Group we take our corporate and social responsibility extremely seriously. We believe that it is not just a policy to adhere to, but a way of thinking and an holistic approach to everything we do. Our business impacts upon society both environmentally and socio-economically and we are determined to conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity.


Our CSR approach starts with focusing upon our employees.

Aston Services Group commit to supporting our employees’ human rights in promoting equal opportunity and diversity whilst ensuring that there is no place for discrimination within our organisation. To this end and to help banish workplace poverty, we are Living Wage Recognised Service Providers, adopting the Living Wage where possible in collaboration with our like-minded customers.

We adhere to stringent guidelines to ensure that all employees are working in a safe and healthy environment and that they benefit from a proactive approach to training and career and personal development.

Environmental issues at the forefront of Aston Services Group’s working practices.


Waste removal and recycling are integral to our day to day activities. Further to this, though, we seek to embrace new technologies (such as chemical free cleaning) which challenge how we do things to reduce our carbon footprint and provide for a better, greener and more sustainable working performance.

Aston Services Group also support many charitable organisations through a philanthropic attitude manifested in collaborative efforts with our public facing customers.


Health & Safety
Stewardship & Leadership.

CSR: People... Community... Environment

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