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We believe that it is essential to conduct our business activities with the highest standards of integrity and a strong commitment to protecting and supporting our staff, customers and other stakeholders; importantly encompassing a responsible attitude on environmental matters, as well as actively supporting community-related initiatives.

As we grow as a business we know that our CSR is key to retaining both key personnel and like-minded customers. Aston will always be a people centric company, but focus has intensified over the last 12 months on CSR issues as we have realised the real benefits to looking after people and the environment.

For the environment: we have installed solar panels to the roof of our headquarters in Leyland. The installation has reduced our carbon footprint and the office now runs off free electricity during the day and any excess is fed back into the national grid. Also our constant research and development into the most efficient cleaning tools and machinery means that we are at the forefront of minimising waste and saving power and resources.

Aston Services Solar Panels

For the employee: we have helped to banish workplace poverty by our involvement with the Living Wage Foundation. It really is a win/win/win scenario: Our clients get motivated, well presented, punctual and hard-working cleaners / security guards; our employees get respect and a decent wage for decent day’s work; we get a good reputation and long term relationships – retaining staff and clients.

Aston Services Living Wage Supporter

For charity: we have helped a client (Birchwood Shopping Centre) petition the government to change the animal welfare act to make it illegal to leave an animal in a hot vehicle – check out Otis Law! We have been involved with MacMillan breakfast money raising. We have been main sponsors (for the last 2 years) at the Star Awards – run by client Community Gateway Association to recognise and herald community leaders and volunteers. We have co-sponsored the Keep Britain Tidy Awards and have organised a charity cricket match with Liverpool ONE, proceeds of which went to help the charity KIND.

Aston Services Charity Cheque

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