ASG’s Security team at the Harvey Centre in Harlow recently had their training put to the test when they were faced with two completely unconnected cardiac arrest emergencies.


ASG is a provider of quality security and commercial cleaning services to businesses and public sector organisations across the UK and is particularly well known for its work within the retail sector. ASG teams have built an enviable reputation for being well-trained and committed to fostering safe and secure environments for their client base.


This high level of training, service and dedication came to the fore recently when the Harvey Centre security team was faced with an unprecedented double emergency. The ASG team’s coordinated actions along with other site personnel gave the patients the best chances for recovery, the team worked quickly, professionally, and in the best interests of the patients.


James Wheeler, Sales Director – Security at ASG, recognised the team’s swift and professional response, commenting, “The team responded admirably. They were faced with an unprecedented set of circumstances, two serious medical emergencies at the same time, yet despite this, the team dealt with the situation calmly and swiftly, immediately commencing emergency care. Managing the incident and providing support to the emergency services, their professional approach allowed them to deal with the second incident all whilst managing the initial emergency. It was great work, and they should be very proud of themselves for performing so well under pressure.”


Simon Hawkins, ASG Operations Director, added his voice to praise the team’s prompt actions, “The Harvey Centre team’s actions exemplify the commitment and training ASG nurtures across our security teams. These are incredibly difficult and traumatic incidents to deal with and to have to deal with two cardiac arrests at the same time is unheard of. I’m very proud of the team, they kept their heads and the training kicked in, well done to everyone involved in dealing with these medical emergencies.”


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