ASG team enjoy a break and a brew in their newly fitted welfare cabin


The Dalton Park staff welfare cabin received a stunning makeover in October. The project was hugely collaborative with both Dalton Park and the ASG teams involved and helping to achieve a fantastic outcome. Richard Kaye the Dalton Park, Centre Manager was incredibly supportive throughout the process, which has created a marvellous space for ASG team members to enjoy their downtime and socialise.


Simon Hawkins,  ASG Operations Director Security committed to the project, “The welfare cabin is very popular with the ASG Dalton Park team, and the transformation is nothing short of amazing. A big thank you is due to ASG Site Manager, Julie Charlton. Julie was the project manager and funds controller; this couldn’t have happened without her input. She brought the concept to the table as well as then driving the project and keeping it on track to ultimately deliver a fantastic space for the team to enjoy during their downtime.”

new welfare cabin at dalton park

A great space to enjoy your downtime

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