Left to right: Shay Murray – Centre Manager, Susan Bills – ASG Cleaning Operative, Stuart Reaney – ASG Soft Services Supervisor and James Wheeler – ASG Sales Director (Security).


Sheffield’s Orchard Square open-air court shopping centre had two very good reasons to celebrate in November 2022 with centre stalwarts Susan Bills and Stuart Reaney receiving their long service certificates.


Stuart Reaney an ASG Soft Services Supervisor has over 20 years of service and Susan Bills an ASG Cleaning Operative has a very commendable 25 years of service. Both received their long service certificates and a £50 gift card from Shay Murray the Centre Manager and James Wheeler ASG  Sales Director at the presentation.


James Wheeler commented, “It is always a great pleasure to present long service awards, they are a recognition of the length of service and dedication the individuals have shown to ASG and our clients. Susan and Stuart are committed, team members and I was delighted to have the opportunity to congratulate them and thank them for their long and exemplary service.”

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