We may often wonder how we would react in an emergency, whether we would leap to help or prefer to not get involved. Well there is a young man who owes much to the fact that ASG Payroll Manager, Tom Bowskill decided to get involved and go to his aid.

Tom was on a break last weekend with his wife and young son in Snowdonia. Whilst standing on a viewing platform admiring the waterfalls below, a young man came falling through the air from above Tom and his family, falling head first approximately 10 to 15 metres from the cliff above the river opposite to the visitor site and into the water below.

Tom’s first reaction was to climb down the banking into the water  to rescue the young man. By the time Tom had scrambled down, the victim was submerged and unconscious, Tom had to try and retrieve him and drag him out of the water. The weight of the victim was such that Tom couldn’t lift the man, so he shouted for support. Fortunately, the two people who heard Tom’s cries for help were both medical professionals, a doctor and a paramedic, and were able to  assist  in dragging the man out of the water and then provide immediate critical care and CPR to the victim.

The emergency services were directed to the incident, resulting in the young man being flown by helicopter to the nearest relevant hospital where he is still in a critical state.

A Wales Air Ambulance Charity spokesperson said: “I can confirm that the Wales Air Ambulance Charity attended an incident near Betws y Coed yesterday (Saturday) morning.

“Our Caernarfon-based helicopter crew were mobile at 11:05 and arrived on scene at 11:18.

“Following critical care treatments from our consultant and critical care practitioner, we airlifted the patient to the Royal Stoke University Hospital, leaving scene at 12:54 and arriving at the hospital at 13:26. Our involvement concluded at 14:46.”

Tom displayed great bravery and care in being the first person to reach the victim and drag him out of the water. Without Tom’s quick thinking and intervention it is highly unlikely that the young man would have survived. I think we have a real hero in our business.

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