Kat Webster, ASG Security Team Supervisor at the Woolshops Shopping Centre in Halifax, has been providing exemplary service at the centre and was recently commended for her dedication and diligence by centre Operations Manager, Chris Ward.

Kat’s actions when dealing with a distressed customer, who was non-verbal, perfectly match the ideals of the centre when serving their valued customers. Kat was able to provide the distressed gentleman with surety and comfort whilst she resolved his concerns, and this was done in such a way that will have no doubt left him with a lasting and very positive memory of his visit to the centre.  Chris Ward, Woolshops Operations Manager stated, “Kat’s actions exemplify what we are working towards daily and embody the Woolshops customer service culture and charter. Her certificate of appreciation was well earned, she is an outstanding member of the centre’s team”.

Jason Gregg, Shopping Centre Manager, further commented that Kat had delivered, “Excellent customer care …. very much appreciated by the gentlemen in question” and he further went on to thank Kat for her dedication by saying, “She was happy to go the extra mile for the centre” following an incident which led to Kat returning to the site to assist Jason with an urgent requirement, and this following a long day at work, and when she was only seconds from being at home.

Kat was also incredibly proud to be able to present her own team member Beth Wilson with her own certificate and voucher of appreciation following another fantastic month of service delivery. Beth is always ready, willing and able to support her colleagues, the Woolshop team and the many thousands of visitors who attended the centre throughout January 2022.  Beth has only been with ASG for roughly  9 months now, and she has already established herself as a valuable asset to the team, continuing to perform exceptionally well and displaying a level of dedication to customer care that is second to none.

Simon Hawkins, Operations Director at ASG, commented, “What a team! Kat and her colleagues display all the very best qualities of service that ASG have become renowned for; dedication to the task at hand and a level of commitment and diligence that makes us all very proud. Well done, Kat, Beth and the team, exceptional work.”

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