ASG Security Officers reacted swiftly and correctly in safeguarding a teenage boy from a potential bullying incident at The Victoria Shopping Centre, Harrogate.  The incident is chronicled in his mother’s email below.
Simon Hawkins, ASG Security Operations Director commented, “It is this type of support that shows our officers are clearly very proud of the centre, extremely good at delivering customer service and that they have the very best intentions for all whom come into The Victoria Shopping Centre.”
Security Officer, Ali Guneyogullari said, “This is a lovely email. She has got my surname from Facebook as no other way anyone will spell it correct! The reason I know it’s from Facebook is, the son didn’t know any phone numbers so my only option was the call the lady through my Facebook. All officers had a part to play. Aaron Fashola brought the lad back to the security office and the officer that walked to the car with them was Gavin Hair.” 
Email from the teenager’s mother:
I cant thank you enough for your wonderful security staff today. 
My son 13 yrs old today was been chased by a group of boys & your wonderful staff helped my boy and kept him safe with them, they went above and beyond and Ali Guneyogullari managed to track me down on his phone and rang me as my boy had lost his phone ! They kept him safe until I arrived to pick him up and then another security guard watched me and my boy to my car (sorry didn’t catch his name) 
I cant thank your guys enough. 
I wanted to email you to let you know how much I appreciate all they have done for us today.
Many thanks Lorraine Hastings
Photo caption:
Left is customer services officer Gavin Hare and right is site supervisor Ali Guneyogullari receiving their certificates of outstanding contribution.

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