A message of thanks from Queens Square….
It has been a thrilling and eventful start to the week for us welcoming our retailers and customers back – it’s nice to see some normality in our shopping centre.
We had opened our doors for all the non- essentials yesterday and it was a great day, but we also experienced an Incident with a Female customer in the 3 Mobile Store in our shopping centre. The female unfortunately had suicidal intentions to end her life.  The area was controlled by our Centre Security Team and the police and ambulance services were called . The female was very anxious and disturbed and she did not want to speak to a male operative or with any uniformed officials, so we had Debbie Doody Aston Cleaning Manager go down to speak to her to see if she could keep her calm and help her.
With Debbie’s tremendous customer service and humble approach the female was quickly made calmer  and was interacting with Debbie in a nice manner while police and security was present.
I would like to say a big thanks to Aston Services for the services delivered and thanks to Debbie our site Cleaning manager for communicating to the female and keeping her calm  until help arrived – you have been incredible (above and beyond) and it has been a great Team work.
Mo Osman – Manager, Security & Customer Services, Queens Square Shopping Centre, West Bromwich

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