The response from our teams has been tremendous with over 96% of our cleaning operatives, security officers and operational management consistently reporting and positively commenting on how safe they feel at work on a daily basis.Introduced in June, the Aston Services Group daily staff safety checker has been a tremendous success, providing crucial feedback on the safety of our employees’ working environment, health concerns and availability of PPE.

The bespoke daily survey of our teams includes 2 short questions and the ability to comment, giving us the information to track any health and safety concerns of all personnel 24 hours a day via a management dashboard. The feedback we get is fundamental in providing real time information to enable ASG to support our teams in the most immediate and effective way.

With over 4,500 surveys sent out, a 94% response who reported feeling ‘safe at work’ is testament to ASG’s commitment to communication, monitoring and safety.

Management have responded swiftly to 39 instances where staff reported a level of concern and all reported symptoms of Covid 19 have been dealt with via the Government / NHS portals.

Managing Director, Nick Atkinson, said, “The health, safety and confidence of our staff is paramount to us. This exercise gets us really close to our teams – we know that they are confident in the safety of their working environment – because they tell us! I believe that this report mechanism is an integral tool in our duty of care to our employees and also a vital part of our planned and transparent business culture.”

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