We take extremely seriously the health and well being of all our employees and understand the critical importance of good hygiene practices in their many and varied working environments.

As governmental guidance and news of the virus spreading changes almost hourly, we would like you to refer to the following information sources:

For information on symptoms – please refer to NHS guidelines:


Any further questions relating to the virus are covered here:


If you need further advice / think you may have contracted the disease – Telephone NHS 111 (NHS 24 111 in Scotland).

Updated daily at 2pm, the governmental guidance portal is the best for information regarding travel and geographical sourcing.


We would also like to issue the following as good practice advice:

Public places are a perfect breeding ground for this virus and we would ask that you:

  1. Promote the increase in usage of (effective) hand sanitisers (both for yourself, your colleagues and the public). Effective sanitisers have a high alcohol content.
  2. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with approved antibacterial soap – try to do this habitually when leaving a room / entering a room.
  3. Use paper towels for drying your hands – these can then be used for opening doors / cupboards and then discarded.
  4. Try to reduce contact with other people (eg do not shake hands) and much used surfaces.
  5. Try to monitor product levels of soap / sanitizer / hand towels as the increased usage will mean stock running out sooner than normal.
  6. Discuss effectiveness of all antibacterial products with your operations manager.

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