We were delighted to support one of our key clients, Liverpool ONE, with their recent review of key cleaning equipment.

The review process took place over a number of months, with a full assessment of key specific requirements which was supported by Cleansweep, our machinery partner and from this review we were able to identify the relevant needs and subsequently the correct equipment solution.

The process also involved a full day with Cleansweep at Karcher HQ in Banbury to understand the ‘science’ behind the new B300 and HDS units, on-site demonstrations and trials which ultimately culminated in the installation process.

The solution was ultimately made up of the brand new B300 Sweeper / Scrubber Dryer Combination machine, the HDS Pressure Washer Trailer and a B150 Ride-on Scrubber Dryer and the installation was completed at night by Cleansweep with on-site training being delivered by their experienced trainers. This was complemented by further training to ensure maximum effectiveness in how the machinery is used.

Throughout the process, the open communication between Aston Services Group and both Liverpool ONE and Cleansweep was pivotal in ensuring a successful conclusion was reached to support Liverpool ONE as they continuously look to improve their customer experience and delivered standards for cleanliness as Europe’s fifth largest tourist destination with over 29 million visitors per annum.

A video of the actual installation is available here https://youtu.be/L9QnLrRFcKI

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