It’s important that we make sure we fully understand what the client has envisioned for the project for us to all work in a goal-oriented way and deliver an exceptional service.

The refurbishment consisted of ripping out the old toilets including:

1.     Cubicles
2.     Vanity units
3.     Sinks
4.     Mirrors
5.     Lighting
6.     Ceiling tiles

These were then replaced with new materials which were tailored to the client’s specification.

The team then installed:

1.     LED 600 x 600 lighting panels
2.     Satin ceiling tiles
3.     Flash banding & Inspection panels
4.     New traps & waste pipes
5.     Feature tiles
6.     Sinks & Taps
7.     Full Length mirrors
8.     Toilet cubicles boarding
9.     Vanity units
10.  Toilet with a new push button flushing mechanism

After a lot of hard work from the Maintenance team, the project was completed on schedule in 2 weeks and our client was delighted with the outcome.

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